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Religious education is an on going process by which we all gradually mature in our faith--a faith that we strive to make vibrant, conscious, and active. At Saint James, we feel privileged to work with parents who are the primary educators in the spiritual formation of their children.
School Advisory Board
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Purpose of a School Advisory Board

Policy-making organizations for the local educational sector are known by many names (e.g., School Advisory Boards, boards of education, education commissions) but by whatever name, they have been mandated by ecclesiastical authority, by the demands of the laity, and by an intrinsic need within the educational system.
The purpose of a School Advisory Board is to provide an appropriate representative body for identifying and articulating the educational needs and aspirations of the school community. The board’s primary responsibility is to define the policies which govern the operation of the school. All other duties are subsidiary functions.
In the Diocese of San Bernardino, the local board is advisory. The board does have authority to formulate local educational policy, monitor the implementation of the policy, and evaluate policy objectives.
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