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St. James Catholic School is accredited through the Western Catholic Educational Association (WCEA) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The accreditation process requires an examination of the school’s entire curricular program on an ongoing and systematic basis. We provide an educational environment that promotes academic excellence through a quality-focused curriculum. Curriculum and instruction are designed in accordance with the Diocesan curriculum guidelines, Schoolwide Learning Expectations of the school and National State Standards. The faculty and staff participate in professional development opportunities and training that keeps them current on the latest teaching methodologies and implementation of National Standards.

St. James Catholic School utilizes supplemental resources. These resources include: Accelerated Reader, IXL Math and English, and Mountain Math and Language.

Accelerated Reader Program:  The Accelerated Reader Program (AR) is a reading management program utilizing computer technology. This program provides teachers with an easy and effective way to monitor all forms of guided reading practice. Accelerated Reader helps students focus attention on the careful reading of books, which improves students’ critical-thinking skills and builds an intrinsic love of reading. Using AR, teachers can continuously guide students to appropriate books and curriculum within their “zone of proximal development” (ZPD), i.e.: comfortable reading level. This means that students are challenged to develop their reading skills without being frustrated.

IXL Math and English:  The IXL Math and English program allows students to work at their own pace and at their appropriate level. Students will focus on the skills that require reinforcement and/or move forward to new skills in order to provide challenge and a faster paced instruction. This program is available for student use at school and from home.

Mountain Math and Language:  Mountain Math and Language is a daily review that teachers utilize to provide reinforcement and practice of skills. Students can also work in small groups according to their specific needs.

Students are assessed at the beginning of each school year, at the end of each trimester and again at the end of the school year in relation to mastery of curriculum standards. The assessment results drive classroom instruction and assist teachers in creating lessons and facilitating instruction that is suitable to their class. In addition, the learning environment is adapted to meet the needs of each student. Differentiated instruction is used to provide intervention and accelerated instruction as needed. Teachers are able to focus on specific areas in the curriculum where students require this support. Differentiation in the lessons changes the way in which material is presented to students, how students interact with the material and the way in which they present their knowledge and understanding. Teachers utilize the latest Best Practices in their classrooms such as:  close reads, text sets, sentence frames, post it activities, spiral Math review, and differentiated instruction to ensure high achievement for all students.

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Religious education is an on going process by which we all gradually mature in our faith--a faith that we strive to make vibrant, conscious, and active. At Saint James, we feel privileged to work with parents who are the primary educators in the spiritual formation of their children.
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