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Religious education is an on going process by which we all gradually mature in our faith--a faith that we strive to make vibrant, conscious, and active. At Saint James, we feel privileged to work with parents who are the primary educators in the spiritual formation of their children.
Learning Expectations: 4th through 8th Grade
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A. Faith-filled Catholic Who:

1. Makes good choices based on Church Teachings and Gospel Values
2. Has developed a strong, personal, relationship with God
3. Has compassion for others
4. Respects and values life in all its forms and stages
5. Actively participates in the liturgical life of the Church
6. Honors and celebrates the diversity of God’s creation

B. Life Long Learner Who:

1. Can adapt to new situations and life’s changes
2. Is an active listener and effective communicator
3. Organizes class work, materials, and homework
4. Learns to make changes to improve work and assignments
5. Keeps trying to reach and obtain their goals
6. Uses technology to enhance learning

C. Responsible Citizen Who:

1. Knows right from wrong when making decisions
2. Takes responsibility for one’s actions
3. Understands that there are consequences based on their choices
4. Makes healthy moral choices by respecting each person’s value and
exercising self-control
5. Works to improve local and global communities

D. Creative and Expressive Individual Who:

1. Understands that we are all different and have special talents
2. Is self-confident, optimistic, and can adapt to new situations
3. Can share their ideas with others in written, oral, and artistic form
4. Is a knowledgeable and independent thinker