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Religious education is an on going process by which we all gradually mature in our faith--a faith that we strive to make vibrant, conscious, and active. At Saint James, we feel privileged to work with parents who are the primary educators in the spiritual formation of their children.
Learning Expectations: TK through 3rd Grade
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A. Faith-filled Catholic Who:

1. Knows and lives their Catholic Faith
2. Cares for and values all of God’s Creation
3. Grows closer to God through prayer
4. Attends and participates in Mass and other prayer services

B. Life Long Learner Who:

1. Uses computers to learn
2. Has hope for the future
3. Is organized
4. Pays attention and participates in class
5. Tries their best to learn new things

C. Responsible Citizen Who:

1. Listens to their conscience
2. Uses freedom responsibly
3. Makes healthy choices
4. Participates in community service projects
5. Practices self-control

D. Creative and Expressive Individual Who:

1. Recognizes everyone is unique and special
2. Has a positive and joyful attitude
3. Communicates the best they can when writing and speaking
4. Thinks on their own
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