Parent Programs

The school offers extended care before and after school. This program is offered to families who are unable to pick up their child/children by the regular dismissal time. Students who attend extended care are able to complete homework, other class assignments and study for tests. This service is available to all students who are enrolled at St. James Catholic School. Students who participate in after school activities and are not picked up at the designated times will be signed into extended care. This ensures proper supervision of all students at all times. Families participating in the Extended Day Care Program must register ($10.00 fee per child) for the program prior to use. This allows the school to plan for supervision needs. Fees for the afternoon Extended Care Program are $3.50 per hour, or any portion thereof, per child. The school will assume no liability for students who arrive before 7:15AM and do not report to the designated classroom. The school will also assume no liability for students who leave the school grounds and do not participate in the afternoon Extended Care Program. Students who arrive to school prior to 7:45AM (8:45AM on Late Start Mondays) report to the designated classroom for morning care. There is no charge for morning care.


The St. James Catholic School Scrip Program is a volunteer run program designed to assist the school with its fund raising efforts and to help keep tuition costs down. Parents and parishioners are encouraged to support this program. It’s simple and costs the participant nothing but a few moments of their time. The program is simple. The school purchases SCRIP (debit cards, gift certificates) at a discount, and sells them to the participant at face value. Earnings to the school can run from 2% to 14% of the face value. It’s a great way to help! This program is open to anyone who shops, buys gas and eats out.

All families on the tuition with fundraising obligation are required to participate in this program.

The following link makes it possible to shop for SCRIP online:
1.Click on the link
2. Go to the ‘Register’ Tab and follow the instructions

St. James Catholic School Perris, CA

Enrollment Code: LLDE82181L3L4

RaiseRight is a mobile app that makes it possible to purchase re-loadable SCRIP and (SCRIP Now) that can be downloaded to your smartphone and used right away. (The store scans your phone to pay similar to Starbuck’s App). You have to utilize PRESTO Pay in order to be able to get the most advantages from RaiseRight.  If you order a physical card it will be delivered to the school.

We encourage all families to buy SCRIP; it is a great fundraiser for the school and assists with fundraising obligation. Utilizing the online tool allows other family members to purchase SCRIP in your family name so that you receive the fundraising credit. SCRIP can also be purchased in the front office each morning/afternoon; however, we carry a limited selection.

If you have any questions regarding the SCRIP program please see Mrs. Courvoisier in the front office.


St. James Catholic School encourages active involvement by the parents in the educational process of their child(ren). Parents are urged to volunteer for an array of small jobs on campus. Some jobs include: room parents, assisting in the classrooms, drivers for sports and field trips, and hot lunch helpers. Parents are not permitted to aide in their child’s classroom except as directed or approved by the principal and classroom teacher. The need for teacher aides and appropriate assignments is at the discretion of the principal.

The primary responsibility of a volunteer is the care of the students assigned to them. Volunteers may not bring siblings as it takes their focus away from their main responsibility. Additionally siblings are not covered by our Diocesan insurance policy.

Background Clearance / Safe Environment / Mandated Reporter

All parents or guardians who wish to volunteer at the school must do the following:

  • Attend training in person or online for Mandated Reporter / Safe Environment / Code of Pastoral Conduct (Virtus Training).
  • Be background checked and cleared by Screening One at their own cost before participating in any volunteer projects. The current cost is $32.00.
  • Sign in at the school office.